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Recommended Retail Prices 2020-2021

Grade 7 Metamorfose

Junior Afrikaans FAL Workbook

Grade 8 Metamorfose

Phase I Afrikaans FAL workbook

Grade 9 Metamorfose

Phase II Afrikaans FAL workbook

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Grade 10 Metamorfose

Phase III Afrikaans FAL workbooks

Grade 11 Metamorfose

Phase IV Afrikaans FAL workbook

Grade 12 Metamorfose

Phase V Afrikaans FAL workbook

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Grade 12 GDE Poetry Addendum

Grade 12 Afrikaans FAL Poetry synopsis, questions (when available)

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Teacher's Guides: Gr 7 - R215. Gr 8-12 - R278

Metamorfose Reëlboek

Afrikaans FAL rule book - suitable for grades 7-12

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