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Some features of the Grade 10 Metamorfose Workbook incude:

Cover of the METAMORFOSE Afrikaans FAL Grade 10 workbook.

Grade 10 Metamorfose

Prepares learners for grades 11 and 12

Contains tests

More information

Ready for Grade 10 Afrikaans FAL? Transition seamlessly from the foundations established in Grades 7, 8, and 9 with the Metamorfose workbook for Grade 10.


  • Advanced Refinement: Fase III takes your linguistic journey to new heights, expanding on core Afrikaans FAL concepts and showcasing the more intricate layers of the language.

  • Structured Evolution: This workbook builds momentum, directing students to engage with progressively complex tasks, all while ensuring they remain encouraged and undaunted.

  • Contains assessments: to practise language structures

  • Real-world Application: Prioritising tangible skills, this workbook presents exercises that bridge the gap between academic theory and everyday linguistic application and emphasise vital language structures. From sentence construction and word order to the intricacies of tenses and conjunctions, learners can confidently navigate real-world Afrikaans communications.

  • Literary Depth: In true Metamorfose style, Fase III is enriched with poetry, deepening both appreciation and understanding of the language's literary dimension.

With its Grade 10 focus, Metamorfose Fase III is the go-to resource for those committed to excelling in Afrikaans FAL. Embark on this transformative journey and unearth the many layers of the Afrikaans language.

Children in a classroom for education in Afrikaans, raising their hands to answer a question.

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