Some features of the Grade 11 Metamorfose Workbook incude:


Grade 11 Metamorfose

Less stress, more preparation

More information

  • Grade 11 is a year of preparation and often, consternation. It doesn't have to be that way with our Metamorfose Fase IV workbook! 

  • This workbook was meticulously updated by author Nora Melissakis, who paid careful attention to every aspect of the upgrade.

  • Fase IV is another step in the transformation from frustrated to competent learner by preparing learners in a global way. 

  • In the grade 11 book, the emphasis is on discussing the elements of short stories and poetry. 

  • Straight-forward explanations of the language rules you have come to expect from the Metamorfose workbooks are also part of Metamorfose Fase IV.

  • There is a section dedicated to explaining various formal and informal writing tasks which proves very handy when it's revision time.