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Some features of the Grade 7 Metamorfose Workbook incude:

Cover of the METAMORFOSE Senior FASE for grade 7-9 book.

Grade 7 Metamorfose

All in one. Language, literature, poetry and exercises. Relevant themes. 

More Information

Navigating the realm of Afrikaans First Additional Language (FAL) becomes is intuitive with Transformation Publications' Metamorfose Junior Workbook. Tailored for Grade 7, this resource integrates the fundamentals of Afrikaans at FAL level, from accessible poems to core language principles. Specifically crafted to align with IEB and CAPS curriculums, it's also a useful addition for those following the Cambridge system. Serving as a helpful tool for both homeschooling in Afrikaans and conventional educational frameworks, dive deeper to explore this thoughtfully designed workbook.

  • Tailored for Grade 7, the Grade 7 Metamorfose Workbook demystifies Afrikaans First Additional Language fundamentals. Includes language rules, poems, and literature in one workbook. 

  • Themes and comprehensions are intertwined, with concepts reinforced and expanded upon, ensuring skill development and vocabulary enhancement. 

  • The workbook encompasses key Afrikaans FAL components: sentence construction, STOMPI, word structures, plurals, tenses, conjunctions, adjectives, and adverbs. Furthermore, it offers handy tips to enhance understanding and application, making language foundation even more achievable.

  • With English-translated words, language rule explanations in English, and a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide, the material is accessible to diverse learners. It provides indispensable aid for educators. This resource fosters mastery and confidence and establishes a vital foundation for Grade 8 Afrikaans FAL studies.

  • Curricula: IEB, CAPS or Cambridge systems.

  • Additional resource for learners struggling with Afrikaans FAL in advanced grades.

Children in a classroom for education in Afrikaans, raising their hands to answer a question.

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