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Metamorfose Junior Workbook for Grade 7 - Key Features:

  • Foundational Learning: The workbook is designed to break down the complexities of Afrikaans into understandable segments, easing your students into the language.

  • Cultural Immersion: Through carefully selected poems and short stories, the book immerses learners in the cultural tapestry of Afrikaans, enhancing their appreciation of the language.

  • Core Language Skills: It covers essential language components such as word order, sentence construction, and basic language rules, preparing students for more advanced studies in the future.

  • Engagement and Comprehension: With engaging content and clear explanations, the workbook is crafted to keep students interested and improve their comprehension skills.

  • Support for Educators: A comprehensive Teacher's Guide is available to provide you with lesson plans, assessments, and additional resources to support your teaching.

Grade 7 Metamorfose Afrikaans FAL Student Workbook

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