Afrikaans First Additional Language workbooks

Since 2003 Transformation Publications has made teaching and learning Afrikaans First Additional Language (FAL) easier with their Metamorfose series. The workbooks provide an array of worksheets covering language rules, literary exercises, and ample assessment opportunities. Read more below.


This book introduces the learner to the basics of Afrikaans in a straightforward, simple way.

Forms a solid foundation for Afikaans FAL learning.

Introduces poems and short stories.
This book can also serve as an additional resource for students struggling with Afrikaans.


From Grades 8-11, the series builds on the previous year's material, presenting learners with many opportunities to cement knowledge and exercise the skills they've just learned. The material is accessible to a broad spectrum of learners on account of the clear explanations.
Poetry and short stories are also included.


Rounding off the Metamorfose Afrikaans FAL series is the Grade 12 workbook. This book is designed to assist learners in the preparation for their final exams.
In addition to the explanations and worksheets, the books contain prescribed poems and short stories to polish learners' literary skills.


The Metamorfose series is used in a variety of educational settings because of its versatility. The workbooks are CAPS- and IEB-compliant, and the series is also used by select Cambridge schools to fulfil their Afrikaans FAL needs.

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Education may have changed forever as more learners access the classroom remotely. The Metamorfose series is available in electronic format for the virtual (and 'real') classroom.


Looking for a summarised, clear breakdown of Afrikaans FAL? Check out the 'LRB'. It's a handy guide to Afrikaans Language Rules that can be used to augment all Afrikaans learning material.