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Education in Afrikaans

Afrikaans FAL workbooks

Since 2003, Transformation Publications has been at the forefront of education in Afrikaans, dedicated to making the teaching and learning journey of Afrikaans First Additional Language (FAL) seamless with their acclaimed Metamorfose series. These workbooks are brimming with Afrikaans language worksheets, notes, and Afrikaans short stories and poems, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of language rules. Serving traditional classroom settings and homeschooling in Afrikaans, the Metamorfose series offers diverse literary exercises coupled with ample assessment opportunities. Dive in to discover more below.


  • Designed for Grade 7, this book simplifies Afrikaans fundamentals, becoming an essential tool in Afrikaans education.

  • It includes poems and short stories, enabling learners to immerse in the language's culture while honing literature-analysis skills.

  • The book solidifies the Afrikaans FAL foundation, introducing learners to critical components like the STOMPI system, tenses, and word structures.

  • Packed with detailed Afrikaans worksheets, it caters to all students, especially those needing extra aid in their Afrikaans First Additional Language progression.

GRADE 8 - 11

  • For Grades 8-11, the Metamorfose series advances from Grade 7 basics, deepening learners' proficiency in Afrikaans, and focusing on core language aspects like sentence construction, word order, tenses, and conjunctions.

  • Provides ample opportunities for skill enhancement and knowledge deepening in Afrikaans First Additional Language.

  • Including Afrikaans poems and short stories to ensure a holistic learning experience.

  • Includes a section on helpful hints and vocabulary


  • Culmination of the Metamorfose Afrikaans FAL series tailored for Grade 12.

  • Expertly crafted to bolster learners' readiness for final exams by solidifying learner understanding of all the major language structures, including sentence construction, word order, tenses, conjunctions, and more.

  • Enhanced poetry section, complete with in-depth summaries and insightful questions.

  • Features engaging questions on Afrikaans short stories to enrich literary skills.

  • The go-to workbook for holistic Grade 12 Afrikaans FAL mastery.


The Metamorfose series serves a wide range of educational needs. These workbooks align with CAPS and IEB guidelines and are chosen by some Cambridge schools for Afrikaans FAL instruction. The series is also used by the homeschooling community.


As education evolves with increasing online learning, ensure seamless Afrikaans FAL studies with the Metamorfose series. Available in electronic format, it's perfect for virtual and traditional classroom settings.


Seeking a concise guide to mastering key Afrikaans FAL structures? Dive into the 'LRB'. This invaluable guide focuses on essential Afrikaans Language Rules, enhancing comprehension and supplementing all Afrikaans study resources.

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