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Some features of the Grade 12 Metamorfose Workbook incude:

Cover of the METAMORFOSE Afrikaans FAL Grade 12 workbook.

Grade 12 Metamorfose

Rounding off and revising 


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As Grade 12 students approach the summit of their school journey, the Metamorfose Fase V workbook stands as an invaluable cornerstone in the Afrikaans FAL landscape.

  • Optimized for Final Exams: Metamorfose Fase V is meticulously designed to address the requirements of both IEB and CAPS final examinations. It hones in refining the skills acquired over the years, positioning students for outstanding results.

  • Simplified Language Constructs: Staying true to the Metamorfose promise, Fase V offers clear, straightforward explanations of the language rules. This workbook is an invaluable revision aid, streamlining the skills necessary to pass Afrikaans FAL in Grade 12.

  • Comprehensive Linguistic Review: Delving into the depth of Afrikaans, Fase V meticulously revisits and clarifies crucial elements like tenses, word functions, conjunctions, plurals, diminutives, and the strategic use of prefixes and suffixes. Additionally, learners have a robust understanding of synonyms and antonyms, enhancing their vocabulary and expressive capabilities. This thorough exploration ensures a holistic grasp of the language's nuances.

  • Poetry Proficiency: The updated poetry section in Fase V equips learners for exam excellence. It encompasses detailed summaries and analyses of prescribed poems and diverse question sets mirroring those anticipated in final exams.


Conclusively, Metamorfose Fase V is not just another workbook. It's the ultimate guide, essential for every Grade 12 student striving for Afrikaans FAL mastery.

Children in a classroom for education in Afrikaans, raising their hands to answer a question.

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